Reach your customers through one of the world’s largest mail delivery networks.

At DHL Global Mail, we are proud to be your single source for both domestic and international mail solutions. No matter where you ship, we provide high-volume mailers with fast, reliable delivery and substantial postage savings. These advantages are possible thanks to our expedited process, extensive global delivery network and partnerships with postal authorities worldwide.

Select a product to find out how Global Mail delivers success worldwide with our unmatched suite of standard features, optional services and mail management tools.

Our Worldwide Solutions – What do you mail?

Products Examples

Smartmail Flats
Globalmail Business
Annual reports, brochures, enrollment kits, newsletters

Smartmail BPM
Globalmail Business
Brochures, enrollment kits, manuals, membership directories, newsletters, publications

Smartmail Catalog
Globalmail Business
Catalogs and other literature

Smartmail Parcel
Smartmail Parcel Plus
Globalmail Packet Globalmail Packet Plus Globalmail Parcel Globalmail Parcel Direct
Apparel, consumer electronics, general merchandise, pharmaceuticals, photo processing, product samples, watches