Do you mail a large quantity of packages weighing under 1 lb., such as small boxes, samples in padded mailers or sleeve-wrapped materials within the U.S.? SMARTMAIL PARCEL can accelerate delivery of your shipments while providing substantial postage savings. Combine this value with our broad array of included features, optional services and mail management tools, and you get customized solutions only DHL Global Mail can provide.

For sending parcels that weigh 1 lb. or more within the U.S., SMARTMAIL PARCEL PLUS offers a similar combination of speed, service and savings. If you ship packages to other countries, find out about our Globalmail international products.

Service Levels

2-5 Average Transit Days
3-8 Average Transit Days


All our domestic products include the following core features:

  • Choice of two delivery service levels nationwide
  • Flexible pick up times for seamless integration with your business
  • Advanced sorting to secure postal discounts
  • Each mail piece is encoded with an indicia and unique identifier
  • Less handling means items arrive in better condition
  • Delivery six days a week
  • P.O. Box delivery available
  • Convenient electronic invoicing
  • Purchase postage via net terms - no required prepayments

Optional Services

These optional services can enhance the success of your mailings:

  • Content Assurance If you send large numbers of identical items at one time, such as enrollment kits, our state-of-the-art mail processing equipment can weigh each one to ensure the contents are correct. If they are not, Global Mail will notify you of the discrepancy.
  • Address Verification Using software that meets the USPS’ rigorous CASS Certification standards, Global Mail can verify every address on your domestic mail pieces, correcting the ZIP Code if necessary. You can receive three types of reports on the results of this process to help you maintain a clean database and avoid the expense of sending undeliverable mail.
  • File ManagementTo keep your address data and lists up-to-date and avoid the costs of wasted postage, we offer extensive merge-and-purge services. Our software can quickly scan through thousands of addresses in your database to eliminate duplicates and filter out any that have been determined undeliverable locations. We can also perform database splits on your files as needed.
  • USPS Ancillary Endorsement ServicesFor your Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) items, we can apply USPS Ancillary Service Endorsements (e.g., “Return Service Requested”) to your indicia so you can receive return mail and keep your address database updated.
  • GOGREEN Carbon OffsetMeet your customers’ demand for greener shipping options and differentiate your company with GOGREEN Carbon Offset. This innovative service allows you to offset the carbon emissions produced during shipment delivery by paying a small per-piece fee to help fund clean energy projects.
  • Service Disruption Alerts If a natural disaster or other unforeseen event occurs that could affect your mail delivery, we can inform you in a variety of ways. Subscribe to the “Global Mail Observer,” our free e-newsletter, for updates on potential trouble spots worldwide. For domestic shipments, use our Customer Web Portal to find out about problems in the destination ZIP Code. If a significant situation may cause more than a small delay, Global Mail will contact you to keep you informed.
  • Selective RoutingBy constantly monitoring mail traffic patterns throughout the U.S., we can reroute your shipments to bypass local problems—from emergency post office closures 100 miles away to severe weather clear across the country. No matter what happens, with Selective Routing, you’ll always have the fastest path to your customers.
  • Tracking via Delivery ConfirmationFollow your parcels from door to door with our Delivery Confirmation service. From the second they leave your hands to the moment they reach the final destination, you and your customers can stay informed about shipments throughout their journey.

Management Tools

Our mail management tools maximize the efficiency of your mail program—and your business:

  • Customer Web Portal Our Customer Web Portal provides more information on your mailing and parcel shipping than any other tool of its kind in the industry. With this robust proprietary system, you can track shipments, view and download invoices and generate custom performance reports.

Industry Experience

Global Mail makes mailing and parcel shipping more efficient and cost-effective for businesses in a wide variety of industries. For more information, see Industry Solutions.

Dimensions & Requirements

Machinable 6 - 16 oz.
Irregular 1 - 16 oz.
Machinable Length + Girth ≤ 50"
Irregular Does not meet criteria for a flat or machinable parcel (< 6 oz., loose contents, tubes < 26")
Qualified Mail
Does not contain First-Class Content (DMM333.20)
  • Bills or statements (product invoices allowed)
  • Personal information
  • Handwritten material
Must not contain Hazmat
ORM-D (other regulated materials, domestic) must be identified and approved
Consult the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) for complete descriptions on qualified machinable or irregular parcels.