Reach customers across the country more quickly and cost-effectively.

If you send large quantities of mail or parcels within the U.S., our Smartmail domestic products offer fast, dependable delivery with reduced postage costs. This combination is possible with DHL Global Mail’s expedited delivery process and Workshare partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. Their local carriers handle final delivery for all our domestic products, enabling you to reliably reach more than 147 million addresses, six days a week.

Select a product below to find out how Global Mail meets your mailing needs while saving you money with our unmatched suite of included features, optional services and mail management tools.

What type of materials do you send?

Products Examples Weight and Size Limits

Advertising materials, annual reports, brochures, CDs / DVDs, enrollment kits, information requests, newsletters, proxies 1 - 16 oz.
H5" - 12"
L 6" - 15"
W 0.009" - 0.75"

Books, catalogs, class schedules, directories, manuals, publications, renewal booklets 1 - 15 lbs.
Length + Girth ≤ 50"

Requested catalogs, books, electronic media, owners manuals, welcome kits 1 oz. - 15 lbs.
H 5" - 12"
L 6" - 15"
W 0.009" - 0.75"

General packaged merchandise, pharmaceuticals, photo processing, product samples, sunglasses, watches 1 - 16 oz.
Length + Girth ≤ 50"

Parcel Plus
Apparel, consumer electronics, general merchandise, prescriptions, product samples 1 - 15 lbs.
Length + Girth ≤ 50"

H = Height    L = Length    W = Width

Girth is 2W + 2H

Parcels exceeding 50" in Length + Girth (L + 2W + 2H) will receive a $1.00 charge

Send the same types of materials to other countries? See our Globalmail line of international mail products.